Here's where I articulate my delusional notions

Absolute Boredom


What is an opposite thing of “satisfaction” or “fulfilment”?

If you speak English, you might put a prefix, and say “dis-satisfaction” or “un-fulfilment”.

But both is incorrect. An opposite of “satisfaction” is “boredom”.


By now, most of our urgent and necessary problems have already been solved. And we get “excessive” convenience and comfortability.

This is what human being were looking for since our history began. But, after realising these situations, what we got is “boredom”.

Absolute boredeom.

Endless boredom.


We don’t have to work for food, for rent, or for safety. Minimum quality of life is guaranteed.

Game App, YouTube, casual relationship…, these instant excitements work well to forget boredom for a while. But, absolute boredom still remain the same.


Everyone in developed countries feels boredom. How to deal with boredom…., This is the urgent matter.

*“Loneliness” is equally serious problem as well.