My unhealable thought says that every human being has a certain unpleasant smell in their mind.

“Unpleasant smell”.

In other words, “egoism” or “selfishness” or “arrogance” or “self-importance” or “self-absorption”.

Usually we are encouraged to hide these aspects in our mind.

But we always feel strong an urge to release it to other people.

Ejaculate it to other’s face.

Thus, once we find a suitable object…a good listener, this oppressed urge explodes and we cannot stop talking about it.


Due to the widespread use of social media, nowadays we often come across a situation where people confess their past traumatic events, painful experiences and heartbreaking stories.

Probably, at the beginning, famous people or celebrities were indulged in these vulgar acts.

Then, normal people followed them and “Being honest with myself” or “Being true-self” etc….these despicable thoughts…got normalised and spread out.

And in the end, telling them in public gradually got considered as a proof of their strength, authenticity, and honesty.

Every time I came across such situations, I was always amazed how much we like unfortunate stories and how eagerly we are looking for someone who sympathies with us.

In the past, I was innocent and pure enough to listen to their stories carefully and felt sympathy with them.

But, with time, gradually my mind was losing these innocence and purity. And once someone started talking about such stories, I felt a certain uncomfortableness.

…A sneaky trick to get attention and sympathy.

…Vulgar self-pity and self-absorption.

…Abject shallowness and lack of maturity.


Now I am very careful to deal with people who tell a lot of their very private stories, despite the fact that we are not close yet.

I feel like they look for some instant pleasure of connection, warmth and pity, and in a rush to make our distance shorter.

It should take time to build up and develop a relationship with others.

We cannot ignore “an accumulation of time”.

If we ignore this law of time and rush to make only “our emotional distance” close, a poisonous side-effect must come up and it collapses a relationship immediately.


I used to write about “an accumulation of time” in this post.

“Time” has a certain “weight” and it gradually accumulates and everything in this world gets “heavy”.

When it comes to a relationship, an accumulated weight becomes “an anchor”, and it stops the relationship to drift away easily.

It surely has benefits.

But I sometimes wonder if there is a way to escape from this “law of time” and “an accumulated weight”.

If there is, how bright, how cheerful and how bearable our life could be.