“Women born rich, Men born poor”

Women born rich, Men born poor


In a foreign country, I sometimes feel a certain uncomfortableness whenever a woman get an interest in me, out of my nationality or out of my race.

I suppose that not a few people who have an international experience can share this sentiment.

One noticeable thing is that it seems women are relatively less mindful of it.

I’m sure that there are a lot of men who don’t care about it neither. But, from my observation, women does not mind it as much as men.


For a long time, I was wondering why.

I now presume that it comes from this fact below.

No matter what feminists insist, biological value, namely fundamental value, and thus “widely accepted social value”, of female is “youth”.

This value inevitably decreases its worth over time.

In a sense, it’s short-lived, that’s why it’s beautiful and precious.

In any case, “youth” fades away over time and never comes back again.

On the other hands, “widely accepted social value” of male is “being rich” or “being influential”.

While female value has inborn nature and women have it from their birth, male value has acquired nature and men don’t have it at the beginning.

And, from time perspective, women’s value is “decreasing over time”, on the contrary, men’s value is “increasing over time”.

In other words, women’s life is “a history of losing”, and men’s life is “a history of gaining”.

Although the passing of time makes all human’s flesh decay, despicable, vulgar and miserable, and nobody cannot escape it, certainly there is a difference between women and men.


I suppose that men are programmed not to appreciate or highly evaluate something inborn.

Men subconsciously believe (or, want to believe) that all values in this world are acquirable with effort and power.

For men, “acquired values” is the only value they can highly evaluate and fully appreciate.

In this sense, “nationality” or “race” is a typical example of “inborn values”.

And I reckon that’s why men feel a certain uncomfortableness when these assets get appreciated by an opposite sex.

(*Technically speaking, “nationality” is acquirable, but for simplification purpose, such a case is excluded here now.)


As a man myself, I’m always amazed how naturally & smoothly women can accept a compliment about their own flesh.

Although there is a fact in the first place that men cannot get a compliment as often as women do, men are not comfortable when their flesh gets admired, even it gives strange feeling to men. At least if they’re straight men.

This difference between women and men must share the same root.